"'Beyond shameful': Don't fall for this deceitful Vietnam flick"
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meat popsicle
2017-11-07 23:23:38 UTC
Yes this comes from WND, but the author of the article is a
veteran who is a holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor,
and he
earned that medal flying Dustoff (medical evacuation) missions.
words bear reading
Needless to say, Ken Burns’ “documentary,†“The Vietnam
War,†has caught the attention of Vietnam veterans. Except for
the John Kerryites, the feedback is decidedly negative.
North Vietnam would have fallen in weeks if the American media had
been there and treated it as they did our efforts in the South.
GIs knew this and would often declare that we should not fear the
enemy – they will only take your life. Instead, they’d say,
fear the media because they will steal your honor.
I was especially disturbed by the notion that we wouldn’t carry
the Vietnamese dead. In one tour in Vietnam, my unit and other
helicopter ambulance units (“Dustoff†), carried hundreds of
Vietnamese dead, as well as Communist dead and wounded.
Burns repeats Walter Cronkite’s apocalyptic version of Tet
despite the fact that it was surely one of the greatest military
victories in the history of warfare.
I've watched the first six episodes so far.  Burns acknowledges
was a great military victory.  He even chronicles how the North
Vietnamese tried again later in 1968 and utterly failed again.
However, Burns claims Tet was a political defeat for the USA
it exposed the lying of the Johnson administration that we were
about to win the war.
That is exactly right.  The Tet offensive should not have been
possible - absolutely *impossible* - if what the military and the
administration had been telling the American public was truthful.
Was it Johnson who was lyng, or was it the media misrepresenting
things. Johnson was a lying sack of excrement, that fact was known
long before Kennedy chose him to fill the role of Vice Presidential
candidate. I have no trouble believing that Johnson lied to cover his
own incompetence. Given the manner in which the media portrayed Tet,
it is beyond doubt that they were also lying to the American people,
and are apparently still doing it.
Neither of you have any actual knowledge of what should or should not
be possible in war, what the two of you do have is an unshakable
belief in the "rightness" of any form of socialism. That blind belief
has prevented you from any sort of rational assessment of the every
war in which the USA has been involved from 1950 onward.
My reaction to this article is pretty much the same on all his
points. Burns acknowledged most of it, but the author of the
is missing the bigger picture which Burns does not.
The author of this screed - it isn't an article - continues to
believe, like all the other wrong right-wingnuts, that "victory" was
possible. It wasn't.  The South Vietnamese regime had no popular
support and was bound to fall, sooner or later.
The General has far more credibility on the subject than you.
"Hmm, that looks an awful lot like this you are appealing to
David Hartung, Jan 15 2015
The phrase is "appeal to false authority". General Brady is one with
professional knowledge and understanding of the Vietnam war,
He was a fucking helicopter pilot during the war, not a commander or
a strategic planner, for fuck's sake.
Even if we ignore his career as a general officer, even if he was
nothing more than a helicopter pilot as you claim, General Brady still
knows far more than you, or anyone in the media.
You have no way of knowing that.  What we *do* know is that he is a
garden-variety right-wingnut apologist for the failed war.  We know that
he is completely wrong about Tet and that Walter Cronkite was right: the
Tet offensive should never have been possible if the war had been going
as the military was lying to us about.
When you make comments as blatantly stupid as this, it is very difficult
to refrain from questioning your intelligence.
History is what history is, not what you want it to be. And revisionist history is what you're about, just as much as you're into revisionist religion. And that is really questioning Your intelligence.
Tell us about those Civil War statues your homo butt buddies want torn
down again.

Talk about hypocrisy.
Colonel Edmund J. Burke
2017-11-08 02:33:59 UTC